We are dedicated to the technological innovation

Technologies of tomorrow

Windows are made of transparent solar panels that produce electricity and oxygen.

Ideas for the future

Patented technology for the window-type device for oxygen production.

Energy conversion and storage

We work in the fields of renewable energy production and use.

About us

We are developing innovations in alternative energy. We invest in them their own resources and the investment funds (of our partners).
We create lists of the technology to be implemented in the technological and business process of our partners! Looking for interesting ideas, research, start-up projects. 

In our assets of the projects carried out in the following areas:

  • alternative energy generation
  • photosynthesis
  • oil and gas production
  • analyzers of PGNA technology
  • the production of cement

We are interested in collaborating with leading companies in these and other branches of modern industry. The company "Free Evolution of Energy S.L." Is willing to offer the latest technologies to implementation. All details can be found on our website and in personal communion!

We will help you be the first !!