Industrial composite construction valves Reinforced Polymer – Rebar

Industrial building composite reinforcement - modern material going toward replacement to metal fittings
Production technology: the method of nidltrusion from glass, basalt, aramid and carbon fiber (roving), binding by composite material

  • Diameter Ø 2,5 ÷ 32 mm;
  • Length up to 12 m (or twisted in coils);
  • Different finishing coating

Comparative characteristics of Steel AIII and Composite

CharacteristicsUnitReinforcement bar
STEEL АIII (А400С)Composite
Ultimate tensile strengthМPа360÷390800÷1300
Modulus of Elasticity10³ МPа20040÷74
Relative lengthening%141.5÷2.5
Coefficient of thermal conductivityВт/(m*К)460.35÷0.50
The coefficient of linear expansionAx10⁻⁵⁄⁰C13÷159÷12
The share equal in strength frameg/sm ³7.81.8÷2.0

• Replacement with equal strength: Reinforcement bar Steel АIII 10 mm = 7 mm VOSTEC
 • Replacement with equal strength:
Reinforcement bar Steel АIII 14 mm = 10 mm VOSTEC
 • Replacement with equal strength:
Reinforcement bar Steel АIII 20 mm = 14 mm VOSTEC

The era of new generations of building materials VOSTEC

Area of application FRP-rebar

Road construction
Housing and civil construction
Industrial construction
Chemical production
Bridge construction
Marine structures and port facilities
Store treatment facilities
Canalization, melioration

FRP Composite

World Experience of application

In the world it is saved up more than 15 years' successful experience of use of composite reinforcement,


The runway of airport, Zurich (Switzerland)

The tunnel under the Thames (UK)

Bridge, Winnipeg (Canada)

Subway, in Miami (USA)

The runway of airport, Vienna (Austria)

Subway, Perth (Australia)

Speedway in Texas (USA)

The bridge through Missouri river (USA)

Key features of production VOSTEC

Full automation of technological processes :

a) instrumental quality conformance inspection at all times of manufacturing;
b) general automated process all production cycles;
c) nullification of the "human factor “influence of the;
d) automatic alignment of polymerization with the speed of unwinding the roving;
e) automatically controlled regulation of the ratio of initial components of the polymer matrix.

The know-how of industrial building composite reinforcement

The VOSTEC know-how is an original solution for creating a 3D spatial framework from composite building fittings with the help of which the problem of simplifying the design for composite products, increasing their strength and ensuring a stable build quality and reliability in operation is solved.

The reinforcement thus connected is, in fact, a component that provides the transition from the first reinforcement layer to the second reinforcement layer. This eliminates the need for the use of transitional elements connecting the rods in space.
In addition, the reinforcement, located in the form of a sinusoid, is put into a prestressing state, thereby increasing the ultimate strength.

With a concentrated load applied from above on the middle of the plate, the upper layer of composite concrete is compressed, and the lower one is stretched. Accordingly, the upper longitudinal bars 1 and the upper transverse rods 2 receive the compressive load, and the lower longitudinal rods 3 and the lower transverse rods 4 receive the tensile load.
With an uneven distributed load, the sinusoidal rods 9 due to the formation of stiffeners in the frame cells contribute to the redistribution of the load, increasing the crack resistance of the plate.

The sinusoidal rod 9 at each point of intersection with the longitudinal elements 1-4 creates a reinforcement circuit which, unlike the planar reinforcement, is immediately engaged, since the sinusoidally curved elements impart a pre-stress state to the carcass. At the same time, the main advantage of fiberglass reinforcement is high tensile strength of 1000 MPa, which corresponds to prestressed metal reinforcement, but no special measures are required in the form of mechanical tension or electric heating.

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