Propuesta a socios científicos

My name is Alexander Kobtsev, and I am the owner of the company Libre Evolucion de Energia S.L. (Spain).

My company deals with the industrial introduction of innovative technologies in the field of alternative energy, photosynthesis, oil and gas industry equipment, as well as PGNA detection systems.

We have developed the FREENERGY facade system, produced a prototype, tested it according to EU standards and patented the technology.

FREENERGY is an autonomous energy system, converting solar energy into electrical energy, storing it and making it possible to be used by a man to improve the quality of life.

It is very important that with FREENERGY one gets a power system, which compensates its value during the useful life.

Innovation of the development consist in generation of the best possible climate for the photosynthesis process by FREENERGY through the use of solar energy.

We are looking for cooperation within the following scientific and technological objectives:
• testing the FREENERGY facade system  with various modifications of the generating elements of photosynthesis;

• use of an experimental platform for studying «FREENERGY OXYGEN» and «FREENERGY GYDRAGEN» facade systems;

• integration of third-party innovative products (from the areas  of alternative energy sources, energy storage, energy converters, power stations and etc.) with FREENERGY technology.

I propose to discuss your interest.

Best regards,

Head of Libre Evolucion de Energia S. L.

A. Kobtsev

FREENERGY – el sistema de fachada

Sistema de fachada Freenergy está diseñado para generar electricidad a partir de energía solar con el fin de proporcionar electricidad al edificio.