Proposal for Strategic Partners

My name is Alexander Kobtsev, and I am the owner of the company Libre Evolucion de Energia S.L. (Spain).

My company deals with the industrial introduction of innovative technologies in the field of alternative energy, photosynthesis, oil and gas industry equipment, as well as PGNA detection systems.

We have developed the FREENERGY facade system, produced a prototype, tested it according to EU standards and patented the technology.

FREENERGY is an autonomous energy system, converting solar energy into electrical energy, storing it and making it possible to be used by a man to improve the quality of life.

At the moment the price for FREENERGY facade system is about 500 Euro. As exemplified by Spain, we can say with certainty, that the cost of the energy system will fully compensate customer’s expenses within 10 years.

Manufacturing company, producing FREENERGY window systems in thousands, will be able to significantly reduce logistics and component costs and become a leader in the future energy facade systems market.

Today we are looking for strategic partners for commercialization of FREENERGY facade system.

LIBRE EVOLUCION DE ENERGIA S.L. is ready to provide you with the following:
• FREENERGY technology
• FREENERGY facade system prototype
• Results of FREENERGY system testing in according with EU standards
• Patent and «FREENERGY» brand rights
• Technical documentation and technology support
• Reliable component suppliers
• Assistance in product promotion on the markets of the European Union, China, India and Russia

I propose to discuss your interest.

Best regards,

Head of Libre Evolucion de Energia S. L.

A. Kobtsev

FREENERGY – facade system

Facade system Freenergy is designed to generate electricity from solar energy in order to fully provide electricity to the building.