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Good afternoon everyone! It turns out that Manhattan has 47,000 buildings and 10.7 million windows. These data lead American scientists from the company “SolarWindow Technologis”.

Let’s imagine that only 1% of these windows are manufactured using the FREENERGY technology and we will calculate to what economic effect this will lead?

FREENERGY technology
Take the unit of measurement standard window size in Germany 1.3 mx 1.3 m (1.69 m.). Of course, Manhattan is not Germany. And this is a place where big windows are very fond of sex, but conservative figures are more convincing for calculation!

The amount of electricity generated by 1 m. Of the facade system “FREENERGY” at the tariffs in 2017 in Spain is 24.723 Euro per year.
The window selected by us is 1.69 square meters and will give out 46.867 euros per year. And now the most important: 1% of the windows in Manhattan are 107 000 windows. If you glazed this amount of facade systems “FREENERGY”, they will bring in the form of electricity for one year:

5 014 769 Euro !!!

A good figure, is not it?
And now imagine that in addition to electricity, the facade system “FREENERGY” produces oxygen O2 and hydrogen H. Oxygen for human breathing, and hydrogen in the form of fuel.
I think that in figures the effect will be even more interesting, and most importantly, absolutely new approaches will appear in the energy supply of buildings.
We are looking forward to the news from the technological university of Malaga.

There is preparing an experiment on new models of facade systems “FREENERGY OXIGEN” and “FREENERGY HYDROGEN”.
Good luck to scientists and developers.