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Welcome everyone! New Tesla Powerwall battery for $ 3000. What can she do?
Inverters: compatibility with a large number of systems;
Mounting Type: Wall Mounted
Dimensions: 1300 mm * 860 mm * 180 mm
Power: 7 kWh or 10 kWh
Power values, average / peak: 2 kW / 3 kW;
Voltage: 350 – 450 V;
Current: nominal 5 A, peak value 8.5 A;
Working temperatures: from minus 20 to plus 43
Warranty: 10 years
Weight: 100 kg
Dimensions: 1300 mm * 860 mm * 180 mm
These batteries are available on pre-orders with a delivery period of several months.
New Tesla Powerwall battery
Batteries can be criticized extremely long for a high price, heavy weight, insufficient capacity, etc. But what is really important?
Having received such a battery for wide use, it is possible to change the principle of construction of power networks in the world. Now the principle of “extracted, burned, transported, consumed”. And can it be without “burned and transported”?
How much is 1 kW of energy, if its cost includes:
– construction of power stations, cogeneration plant
– construction and operation of power lines
– electrical substations
– high-voltage cables for thousands of kilometers
– Loss of energy at last?

On how much harm to the environment this will inflict on many generations, they will say without me.

I’ll venture to assume that the cost of 1 kW never includes all costs and it’s simply not accepted to talk about any profitability. Industrial energy costs do not pay off ever! It’s just that humanity is going to these huge costs to ensure a comfortable living environment. And will continue to go!
Assuming that households become non-volatile, receiving solar energy, using equipment from the best companies in the world (Yingli Green Energy, FirstColar, BEKAR and others).
The best manufacturers of solar panels
The received energy can be stored in “TESLA” batteries, then using it. The world will change for the better!
I want to quote Ilona Mask:

       “The real purpose of creating this battery is to reveal to people the prospects of abandoning fossil fuels.”

Mask does not hope that every American family will install a Tesla battery. He wants this product to spur the enthusiasts and innovators of this industry to create affordable solutions to control energy consumption for ordinary people. And, in the end, just reduce the harmful impact on the environment.
 The team “FREENERGY” is ready to respond to this call and provide their development for the support of the company “TESLA”.