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Like you. The new  record of efficiency 14 per cent of scientists from the Technical University of Ilmenau offers extremely interesting energy prospects.
Is it really that clear?

Try to reduce the results to numbers.

The potential figure of 15% efficiency shows the cost of one kilogram of hydrogen in $4
The unit heat of hydrogen combustion H 120.9 MJ/kg. The oil, of course, is a mixture of 41 MJ/kg (2.948 times smaller).
Thus, in order to measured the amount of energy between these substances, it is necessary to compare the value of one kilogram of hydrogen and oil. What does this mean for application-related engineering solutions?
Trends in the value of petroleum in the forecasts of specialists for the coming years 2017-2019 years
Trends in the value of petroleum in the forecasts of specialists
There will be about 60 dollars per barrel.
To get the same amount of energy as hydrogen from oil, it needs 2.948 kg. The cost of this oil quantity is $1.036. Comparing this value to a new record of scientists in $4 per kilogram of hydrogen, the difference is fourfold.

The output from the comparison is obvious:

Either oil should be worth $240 per barrel, or the efficiency of new energy-generating techniques from hydrogen h, in this case, should increase significantly.
Based on this data, it is safe to say that the world energy market is ready for the emergence of energy systems wholly or partially substituted for the use of hydrocarbon raw materials with a substantially higher efficiency approaching 60%.
One of these solutions is being studied by the Freenergy project team. The Freenergy Hidrogen façade system at the University of Technology of Malaga, Spain, is now being tested.
In the event that its combined efficiency in the produced of electrical energy and energy from the energy value of oxygen and hydrogen is also close to 30%, it can be considered a prerequisite for commercial success.
The results of the studies will be published on our website
Yours faithfully, A. Kobtsev

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  • Alevtin says:

    The article is interesting and makes you think.

    A direct comparison of the value of 1 kg of oil and 1 kg of hydrogen is indicative of the comparison of vehicles on petrol and hydrogen, but does not take into account environmental damage and limited natural resources.

    The Freenergy says in the description of the project:
    The carbon dioxide exhaleded by the person comes inside the chamber, and the reaction of the ATP molecule is split. Oxygen and hydrogen are returning back to the premises. Oxygen enriches the air in the room, and the hydrogen that is allocated is suitable for storage, transport as a medium

    That is, in addition to the electricity that is produced, the façade system enriches the air with oxygen and further develops hydrogen, which must be transferred, stored and then used as energy.
    It’s almost three in one: oxygen, electricity and plus hydrogen.

    It may be that when such systems are in place and the additional hydrogen is produced, the cost of obtaining them will be reduced.

    And even more so that once you have installed your Windows, the consumer saves power and fully fors their cost, and then can earn it after payback.

    Also see an article about 22% of the efficiency: